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10 Animals That Live In The Soil

Earthworms: Perhaps the most well-known soil-dwelling creatures, earthworms play a crucial role in soil health by aerating the soil and breaking down organic matter.

Ants: Ants build intricate underground colonies and play a key role in soil nutrient cycling.

Beetles: Many beetle species live in the soil as larvae, feeding on organic matter, while others burrow into the soil as adults.

Springtails: Tiny, wingless insects that live in the soil and help break down organic matter.

Mites: Soil mites are tiny arachnids that play a role in decomposing organic matter and regulating soil microorganisms.

Nematodes: Microscopic roundworms that live in the soil and can be beneficial or harmful to plants depending on the species.

Snails and Slugs: These mollusks can be found in the soil, where they feed on decaying plant matter and can sometimes be pests in gardens.

Termites: While most well-known for their wood-eating habits, termites also play a role in soil health by breaking down organic matter.

Moles: Moles are mammals that live in underground burrows and feed on insects, helping to aerate the soil.

Ground Beetles: These beetles live in the soil and feed on a variety of insects, helping to control pest populations.