10 Anxiety Inducing Things We All Do

1. Skipping Meals

Your body requires food to function. Eating wholesome meals on a regular basis will help you maintain consistency and equilibrium.

2. Eating Processed Foods

We are surrounded by processed foods, and some of them are delicious, but they do not contribute to our functionality.

3. Drinking Alcohol

In reality, alcohol is a depressant that exacerbates anxiety, despite their belief that it calms them down.

4. Not Drinking Enough Water

Each day, the average person should consume between 12 and 15 containers of water. Most do not even come close to this quantity!

5. Checking Social Media 24/7

Not to fret, social media is here to stay! However, it may cause anxiety if you constantly monitor your social media accounts for updates and changes.

6. Not Moving Your Body

When you sense anxiety creeping up on you, head out the door for a run, and it will be under control almost immediately. 

7. Not Getting Enough Sleep

This is a bit of a difficult one for those with anxiety because anxiety can keep you up at night.

8. Googling Symptoms

People become overly preoccupied with their symptoms and begin to Google all of the frightening things that could be wrong.

9. Not Getting Fresh Air

Every day, make an endeavor to spend time outdoors. Being outdoors is beneficial, invigorating, and can reduce anxiety. 

10. Consuming Too Much Sugar

Sugar should be avoided as a vice. When there is an abundance of sugar in your system, it can actually heighten your anxiety. 

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