10 best LGBTIQ+ neighborhoods in the US to visit in 2023

The Castro, San Francisco: The Castro, one of the world's most famous LGBTQ+ communities, helped advance LGBTQ+ rights. 

Greenwich Village, especially Christopher Street, has a long LGBTQ+ heritage. At the Stonewall Inn, the current LGBTQ+ rights movement began in 1969. 

West Hollywood, LA: WeHo is LA's LGBTQ+ district, with a vibrant nightlife, stylish stores, and several LGBTQ+ pubs and clubs.

Chicago - Boystown: The first LGBTQ+ community in the US is in Lakeview. It offers a Pride Parade and LGBTQ+ events year-round.

Seattle: Capitol Hill has LGBTQ+ clubs, restaurants, and cultural events. The area is lauded for LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusivity.

Provincetown, MA: Provincetown, Cape Cod, is known for its LGBTQ+ community, Carnival Week, and beauty.

Philadelphia's Gayborhood: LGBTQ+ culture, nightlife, and events thrive in Philadelphia's Gayborhood, surrounding 13th and Walnut Streets.

Atlanta—Midtown: Midtown Atlanta is home to LGBTQ+ bars, stores, and the Southeast's largest Pride Festival.

Hawthorne, Portland, Oregon: LGBTQ+ pubs, stores, and a laid-back vibe make Hawthorne inclusive. Inclusivity is its hallmark.

The French Quarter is recognized for its LGBTQ+ culture, while Faubourg Marigny has a more casual and local vibe with LGBTQ+ bars and clubs.

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