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10 Childhood Snacks From The '90s You Need To Remember

Dunkaroos: These were cookies that you could dunk into a small tub of frosting. They were a popular lunchbox treat.

Gushers: These were fruit snacks with a juicy center that "gushed" when you bit into them.

Lunchables: These pre-packaged lunch kits included crackers, cheese, and lunch meat, allowing kids to assemble their own mini sandwiches.

Fruit Roll-Ups: These were fruit-flavored snacks that came in the form of a roll that you could unroll and eat.

Capri Sun: This was a popular juice drink that came in a pouch with a straw.

String Cheese: String cheese was a fun snack that you could peel into thin strips.

Bugles: These were crispy, cone-shaped snacks that you could put on your fingertips and pretend they were claws.

Pop Rocks: These were small candies that popped and crackled in your mouth when you ate them.

Squeeze Pops: These were tube-shaped candies that you could squeeze out and eat.

Handi-Snacks: These were snack packs that included crackers and cheese spread, often with a small red stick for spreading.

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