10 Cool Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

1. The Big ‘Fro

Using a frohawk, you can make your big hair look like a fun mohawk. To get the look quickly, just pin the sides up.

2. The Everyday Mohawk

Some people might think that the haircut style isn't something you can wear every day. We don't agree.

3. Coil-Out Mohawk

If you are looking for a new way to style your coils, you should try this mohawk style.

4. Mohawk with Defined Curls

Wash and style your hair with products that give you flawless definition.

5. Roller Set Mohawk

You can leave it as is or comb out the curls to make it look thick and full.

6. Double Pony

Almost every haircut has a secret way to make it look better. Want to know how to make a mohawk with natural hair quickly?

7. The Fancy Mohawk

With a fancy and lively hair accessory, you can make your look fit the event.

8. Mohawk-Inspired Cut

Like the look of a mohawk and want a haircut that looks just like one? Go for this wavy cut that looks like a mohawk.

9. Mohawk Ponytail

Make a high knot with your hair, then spread the ends out to make a mohawk shape. Pin it in place.

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