10 Flawless Flower Girl Hairstyles

1. High Braided Bun

When hair is brown or black, it can be hard to see intricate details like braids, twists, ringlets, etc.

2. Free Natural Curls

Curly hair that is full and fun needs a flowery headpiece that stands out just as much.

3. Hippie Double Braid

For a wedding, many women choose white flowers and smooth curls, but a bride who isn't like the rest will like this messy look with braids and a tiara. 

4. Triple Waterfall Style

Flower hats are fun, but if you have long, thin hair, they can make a complicated style look less interesting.

5. Middle Part with Twist

This is a classic, age-appropriate style for a traditional wedding.

6. Loose Messy Curls

Let the soft hair on your little girl's head shine by letting them hang loose. For a quick and easy flower haircut, choose a dress that goes with a flower crown.

7. Simple Side Ponytail

When your child has short hair that isn't long enough for complicated styles, it's best to keep things easy.

8. Straight Hair With A Side Part

Try this creative floral headband look if you want understated beauty but still want visual interest in a simple hairstyle. 

9. Mixed Floral Headpiece

When your child can barely walk, let alone have hair, the best way to style her short hair is with a flowery headband that goes with her fluffy white dress. 

10. Curled High Bun

If your flower girl has thick hair, this is a great updo to try for the ceremony.

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