10 Foods That Are NOT Better Homemade

Making delicate, paper-thin phyllo pastry from scratch is time-consuming and requires considerable skill.

1. Phyllo Dough

Creating croissants with the ideal flakiness and buttery layers can be difficult and time-consuming.

2. Croissants

The labor-intensive process of making puff pastry with multiple layers of butter is best left to professional producers.

3. Puff Pastry

Experienced manufacturers are better able to manage the complex fermentation process required for authentic soy sauce.

4. Soy Sauce

Making thin, delicate wonton wrappers is a time-consuming process that can be avoided by purchasing them premade.

5. Wonton Wrappers

Fresh pasta is delicious, but dried pasta is typically more practical and holds up better in certain dishes.

6. Pasta

Commercial tortillas can be just as good as homemade tortillas, particularly in terms of thickness and texture consistency.

7. Tortillas

Experience and precision are required to achieve the ideal consistency and seasoning of sushi rice.

8. Sushi Rice

Some condiments, such as ketchup and mayonnaise, are readily available and easy to purchase.

9. Certain Condiments

It may not be possible for everyone to make certain cheeses at home due to the need for specialized apparatus and aging procedures.

10. Certain Cheeses