10 Korean Wolf Cut Styles That Everyone’s Talking About

Classic Wolf Cut: 

The classic wolf cut has short, layered hair at the top and longer strands at the bottom, giving it a wild look.

Blunt Wolf Cut: 

The few layers give this style a sharp, modern aesthetic that highlights the contrast between shorter and longer portions.

Wolf Cut Texture: 

Perfect for people who want thicker, textured hair, textured layers enhance depth and volume.

Shaggy Wolf Cut: 

This version has longer, messier layers for a casual look.

Wolf Cut Curtain: 

Wolf cut with curtain bangs is elegant and fashionable and frames the face well.

Wavy Wolf Cut: 

Wolves might look softer and more romantic with waves or curls.

Retro Wolf Cut: 

A throwback wolf cut with flipped ends will bring out your vintage side.

Straight Wolf Cut: 

Straightened layers give a trendy, polished look.

Choppy Wolf Cut: 

Choppy layers make the wolf cut stand out.

Asymmetric Wolf Cut: 

For a striking look, explore asymmetry by lengthening one side or adding fringe.

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