10 Overrated, Overpriced Foods You Should Never Buy

Bottled Water:

Expensive bottled water brands that claim special properties or benefits beyond regular water.

Sea Salt:

While some specialty salts can add unique flavors, the high prices of certain gourmet sea salts may not be justified for everyday cooking.


While organic snacks can be a healthier option, some organic packaged snacks are significantly more expensive than their non-organic.


Convenience comes at a cost, and pre-cut fruits and vegetables are often much more expensive than whole produce.

Specialty Coffee:

While high-quality coffee can be a treat, some specialty coffees sold at trendy cafes can be overpriced compared.

Processed Foods: 

For those who do not have celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, gluten-free processed foods.

Superfood Powders:

Some superfood powders, like acai or spirulina, can be expensive and may not provide significantly more nutritional value than other.


While convenient, bottled salad dressings can be expensive and often contain additives and preservatives that homemade dressings do not.

Exotic Meats:

Exotic meats like ostrich or bison can be expensive and may not offer a significant taste or health benefit over more common meats.

Specialty Cheeses:

While high-quality cheese can elevate a dish, some specialty cheeses can be very expensive and may not be worth the cost for everyday use.