10 Relaxed Hair Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not relaxer stretching

There are a lot of different definitions when it comes to relaxer stretching.

2. Relaxer stretching for too long

Even though stretching for longer than six weeks can be good, if you stretch for longer than your hair can handle, it can also cause damage.

3. Using too much protein

This is something that can be easily avoided if you’re aware that it can happen.

4. Trying too many hair products at once

When you start a hair journey it can be tempting and even fun to try several new hair products every week. 

5. Using too much direct heat

Heat styling can make our hair look good but it can also cause damage if not done in moderation.

6. Having a long and/or complicated regimen

If you're into hair care, seeing people rave about a product or technique can make you want to try it.

7. Doing too much with wet hair

Wet hair is fragile hair. Textured hair is fragile hair. Wet textured hair is really fragile hair.

8. Not reading product ingredients

 I didn't know, and I think it's the same for other people, how important it would be for my hair to use a product with the right chemicals.

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