10 Spook-tacular Halloween Makeup


Bold eyeliner and gold highlights evoke ancient Egyptian splendor.

Mad Hatter: 

Act like Johnny Depp's crazy "Alice in Wonderland."

Morticia Addams: 

Morticia from "The Addams Family." exudes gothic glamour.


Be the Gorgon with snakes in your hair.

The Grinch: 

Turn green and steal Christmas with Grinch makeup.

The Cheshire Cat: 

Be the mysterious "Alice in Wonderland" cat with a vanishing smile.

Magical Unicorn: 

Unicorns look lovely with glitter and pastels.

The corpse: 

Pale skin and dark accents create a hauntingly stunning corpse-like look.


Do porcelain doll makeup with rosy cheeks and painted-on lashes.

Evil Queen: 

Be Snow White's evil stepmother with dramatic makeup and a crown.

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