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10 Subtle Signs Your Friends Might Be Jealous of You

Friends may offer compliments that are tinged with sarcasm or criticism.

Backhanded Compliments

They may be less excited about your accomplishments and show little interest in your achievements.

Lack of Genuine Support

Your friends may try to outdo you or compare themselves to you on a regular basis.


Envious friends may make disparaging remarks regarding your choices or decisions.

Negative Remarks

They may discreetly discourage you from following your desires or minimize your ambitions.

Undermining Your Goals

Jealous friends may refuse to acknowledge your achievements entirely.

Ignoring Your Accomplishments

They may withdraw or exclude you from activities or conversations.


Jealous friends may engage in passive-aggressive behavior, such as giving the silent treatment or making sarcastic remarks.

Passive Aggressive Behavior

They may replicate your appearance, activities, or lifestyle choices without even realizing it.

Copying Your Style

Jealous friends may appear overjoyed when you suffer difficulties or disappointments.

Celebrating Your Misfortunes

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