9 Clothing Items You Shouldn't Wear on a Cruise

1. Excessively revealing swimwear

Although swimwear tends to be provocative in general, cruises, which are marketed as family-friendly, require a more conservative approach.

2. Camouflage clothing

Several of the experts with whom we spoke recommended leaving all camouflage apparel at home when embarking on a cruise.

3. Bathrobes, pajamas, and slippers

Unlike certain resorts where bathrobes and slippers may be acceptable attire, voyages typically have more stringent attire requirements.

4. Graphic tees that could offend

There are numerous methods to express yourself through fashion that do not involve offensive slogans or images.

5. High heels

Though you may wish to bring some low heels for formal evening events, it's best to avoid any shoes that leave you feeling unstable.

6. Valuable jewelry

Leaving your most valuable jewelry at home reduces the likelihood that it will be lost or taken.

7. Baseball caps and athletic wear in the dining room

While it is perfectly practical to pack athletic wear for the gym, but leave these items behind when headed to the dining room.

9. Leather or suede items

Avoid leather and suede items when packing. This includes footwear, purses, luggage, and other accessories.

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