11 Signs You’re Secretly A Selfish Person

You have difficulty understanding or caring about the emotions and experiences of others.

1. Lack of Empathy

Consistently, you place your requirements and desires above those of others.

2. Always Prioritizing Yourself

You rarely recognize the contributions of others and claim credit for group accomplishments.

3. Inability to Share Credit

You disregard the boundaries of others and frequently ask for favors without considering their requirements.

4. Ignoring Boundaries

You frequently interrupt or steer conversations toward yourself without actively attending to the other person.

5. Interrupting Conversations

You use remorse or manipulation to obtain what you want, regardless of the consequences to others.

6. Manipulative Behavior

You are quick to take from others but hesitant to give back or offer assistance when required.

7. Takes Without Giving

You have a difficult time compromising and frequently insist on getting your way.

8. Difficulty Compromising

You prioritize short-term gains over long-term well-being, even at the expense of others or relationships.

9. Insensitive Remarks

You do not return acts of generosity or compassion, leaving others feeling unappreciated.

10. Lack of Reciprocity