11 Things Boomers Wish Could Make a Comeback

Boomers often recall the days when vinyl records were the primary source of musical entertainment.

1. Vinyl Records

They talk about how they would carefully turn the dial and wait for it to go back to its original position while talking to friends and family.

2. Rotary Dial Phones

The distinctive sound of a film camera's shutter click takes baby boomers back to a time when they had to think carefully about how to capture a moment. 

3. Film Cameras

Boomers have happy memories of getting together around a big CRT TV and adjusting the rabbit-ear antennas to get the best signal.

4. Cathode Ray Tube

 They remember how satisfying it was to hit each key just right and how clear the sound was when the carriage came back at the end of a line.

5. Typewriters

Boomers remember happily when they could store their most important files on floppy disks. These colorful magnetic disks stood for mobility and ease of use.

6. Floppy Disks

In an age before the internet, boomers relied on encyclopedias as a comprehensive source of knowledge.

7. Encyclopedias

Boomers remember how exciting it was to gather around a projector screen and watch as one family picture after another was shown on it. 

8. Slide Projectors

The bulky, cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions hold a special place in the hearts of boomers.

9. Tube Televisions

Boomers recall the days when fax machines were the go-to method for sending important documents quickly.

10. Fax Machines

Boomers feel nostalgic when they think about renting VHS tapes from the local video shop and having a movie night around the VCR.

11. VCRs and Videotapes


Rotary Dial Phones