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5 Common Makeup Myths Exposed!

Now that makeup is such a major product, everyone expects their makeup to do a lot more than expected.

1. The more expensive the makeup, the higher the quality.

Although luxury products offer additional skincare properties and conduct tests to differentiate themselves, this does not diminish the value or purpose of drugstore brands.

Cosmetics is about having fun and feeling good, so don't listen to anyone who tells you what you should and shouldn't do with your face and cosmetics.

2. Avoid experimenting with your makeup appearance.

There is no rule that says you can't be brave. It works well to employ bright colors in a monochromatic theme.

3. Makeup faux pas: bold eyes with strong lips

This might look rather gorgeous, like green eyeshadow with a pink or red mouth, as long as you keep things clean and fresh and don't overdo your entire face.

I can't tell you how incorrect this is. You only need to be aware of your undertones to successfully wear a color on your skin.

4. Bright lipstick colors and dark skin tones do not mix.

Bright lipsticks with peach or yellow undertones, for example, can look stunning on darker complexion tones.

Glitter makeup is a beauty trend that will continue to be trendy for many years to come.

5. Glitter is only used for red carpet and stage makeup.

If you are frightened of making a mistake, begin carefully. It's akin to the first time you use unblended makeup and it looks half done. Shimmers, on the other hand, mix in effortlessly.

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