7 Bodyweight Exercise Mistakes To Avoid After 40

You're using poor range of motion.

The first of our seven bodyweight exercise mistakes you should stop making is not moving around enough. 

You're skipping your warm-up.

Bodyweight exercises seem less intense than traditional strength exercises, but you never want to exercise "ice cold."

You're going too easy.

If you do a workout hundreds of times, it might be time to make it harder. It's not always better to do more reps. 

You're ignoring your back.

There are very few no-equipment exercises that target your back muscles.

You're doing too many plyometrics.

Plyometrics like box jumps, squat jumps, hops, bounds, etc. should not be done dozens of times for tons of sets.

You're not taking any days off.

It's noble to challenge yourself to do hundreds of reps per day, but your muscles grow while resting, not working.

You're skipping your cool-down.

Last but not least, skipping your cool-down wraps up the worst bodyweight exercise mistakes you can make.

Learn the biggest no-nos to make your body bulletproof!