7 Destinations To Visit This Winter


Vienna feels extra magical in the winter, and one major reason is that it's ball season, with more than 450 taking place. These grand events reach their peak in January and February


The Zanzibar Archipelago in the Indian Ocean is where cultures converge. There are African, Arab, Indian and European influences on full display, especially in the historic Stone Town


Patagonia has something for everyone, especially this time of year. The region, which covers parts of Chile and Argentina, is known for its postcard-perfect landscape


You can sleep on the plane ride home. In Bangkok, there's so much to see, do and taste you'll want to start your day early and not end it until well after dark.


Banff is a winter wonderland. From skiing to ice skating to relaxing in hot springs, if it's a winter activity you can probably do it in this town high in the Canadian Rockies.

Canary Islands

With almost 500 beaches, the Canary Islands attract beachgoers. There's more to the islands. Visit La Gomera's Garajonay National Park for stunning forests and volcanic scenery.


Anguilla is a Caribbean dream, with its beautiful beaches like Shoal Bay East and swaying palms.

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