7 Disney Hairstyles For Natural Hair That We Can't Get Enough Of!

1. Tangled-inspired Locs

We love this version of Rapunzel's hair that doesn't get tangled. You can start with locs, box braids, or even Senegalese twists to get this look. 

2. Cinderella Braids

Braids already installed and want an easy yet elegant style? Brandy’s Cinderella do has to be it!

3. Moana Flower Crown

Vibrant, easy to achieve and tailored to suit your needs. From fresh daisies or reusable faux flowers – the choice is entirely yours.

4. Jasmine Ponytail

A real show-stopper. You can go completely natural or add in extra hair for extra volume and length.

5. Tiana's Princess Puff

A super easy and achievable style for anyone in a bit of a rush. Just create a sleek puff with lots of volume at the top to have your tiara sitting pretty.

6. Snow White Braid Out

Elegant, charming – we love this Snow White-inspired braid out!

7. Ariel-inspired Locs

We are so pleased to hear of Halle Bailey playing Ariel, The Little Mermaid! We LOVE to see it!

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