7 Incredible Wordle Tricks To Win Every Time


When you're trying to figure out where everything fits, Wordle might look like a tangle of letters. This is solved by paper! It's a legal and rapid way to address problems without guesswork.

Paper-test your guesses


If doing trials off-screen sounds like cheating, Wordle can help you visualize things without using paper. For example, X can be used to replace missing letters.

Substitute X


Wordle's initial guess is significant. Then what? Start with a vowel-rich word and focus on the A-E-I-O-U (and possibly Y).

Use a vowel-rich term

Because English has more words with vowels than without, vowels can have an impact on the game.


Vowels alone aren't enough. After all, five-letter words with no vowels are more prevalent than five-letter ones with consonants.

Common consonants

Because there are so many non-vowel letters, Word Finder's language expert and content strategist recommends beginning with the most common consonants.


Many of us begin each Wordle game with a new five-letter word, but you may start with the same one. Though counterintuitive, it may aid in your progress over time.

Always begin with the same word


When our first Wordle guess changes the tiles green or yellow, we try to include those letters into our second guess. Try the inverse.

Start with two distinct predictions


You can use the word many times since it may repeat a letter. Don't ignore green tiles, and keep an eye out for repeated letters.

Repeat letters

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