8 Flattering Hair Colors That Can Make You Look Younger


For brunettes, caramel highlights offer an easy way to add warmth and softness to facial features.


Bronze, which straddles blonde and brown, is suitable for any age because to its deeper foundation and soft blond accents.


It's hard not to feel a new fire for life when getting a dose of red hair color.

Golden Chocolate

We're pretty sure that putting golden balayage on top of a dark brown base could be the secret to staying young forever.

Champagne Blonde

This warmer, yellow-based blonde highlights your original hair color's Goldilocks tones for a brighter complexion.

Cool Gray

Embrace naturally graying hair by instead working with it, not against it.

Sun-Kissed Touches

Warm brown balayage is guaranteed to make any brunette look fresh and vibrant, every single season.

Bright Scarlet

When paired with a bob with lots of personality like this one, red will always feel fun and young.

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