9 Prettiest Dutch Braid Hairstyles

1. Easy Dutch Braid Hairstyle

To ease into our selection of Dutch braided hairstyles, we’ll begin with a single, simple braid for women with long hair.

2. Half Up Half Down Dutch Braid

For a similar approach with an extra dash of pizzazz, try a half up Dutch braiding approach.

3. Dutch Braid with Tight Pigtails

Boxer braids achieved hairstyle trend royalty status. The look basically consists of two tight ponytails, woven with the Dutch braiding approach.

4. Loose Dutch Braid Pigtails

On the other hand, you might want a more relaxed approach to your Dutch braids.

5. Dutch Braid Short Hair

Initially, it may seem that Dutch braiding is destined only for girls with long hair.

6. Two Dutch Braids Half Up Style

You can look and feel like an authentic princess with a more complex half up half down braided hairstyle and get a more romantic vibe too!

7. Dutch Crown Braid Hairstyle

We’ve talked all about the beauty of the crown braid in a specially dedicated guide.

8. U-Shaped Dutch Crown Braid

Although it comes in quite close to the classic crown braid, the U-shaped braid has a pigtails approach. 

9. Reverse Dutch Braid Top Knot Style

Every girl knows that the top knot is the go-to hairstyle for a chill day or night.

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