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8 Steps To Make French Braid Hairstyle

1. French braids can be braided over or under. Braided hair can be worn as a rope or bunned in the front or back.

2. Using a rat tail comb, divide the hair from the braiding start. Part your hair from the crown. Take three sections of hair and wrap them around your fingers.

3. Place the right in the center. The correct portion must now be located between the other two. Make plaits using the remaining crisscross pieces. To avoid loose plaits, grip your hair tightly.

4. Comb the right side and remove hair after 3-4 plaits (depending on hair length). Place them in the three plait sections.

5. Comb and plait the left side. Slowly pull hair from behind the right ear and braid it.

6. Finish the braid with hair from behind the left ear. Maintain plait shape by keeping hair tight when crisscrossing.

7. Include hair from the lower neck and plait until it is nearly gone. For a gorgeous French braid, leave at least 1' inch of hair at the end of each plait.

8. For rope braids, use a hair-safe ponytail band. To make a bun out of a french braid, plait until the end and tie with a ponytail band. Form a bun with the braided ponytail. Bun pins are used to secure the braid!

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