9 Classic Updo Hairstyles From The 60s

1. Vintage Bun

It looks like a 1960s fashion catalog bun. Magazines and movies of the time featured this slicked-back updo. This style is polished and professional with the back fanned bun.

2.  Face-Framing Updo

This hairdo embodies vintage-inspired modernity. Weddings and casual nights out may include this attractive, sophisticated, and classy haircut.

3. Side-Swept Beehive

Marion Cotillard's 60s-inspired beehive at the Cannes Blood Ties premiere was stunning. Marion looks stunning in her haircut, and her right parting frames her face well.

4. Half Beehive

Adele donned a half beehive at the 85th Annual Academy Awards, a beautiful, glamorous haircut. Her classic style with volume at the back and big, face-framing bangs is great.

5. Half Up Half Down

Add an odd bun to your half-updo like Zooey Deschanel for a chic, vintage style. Divide your hair into two portions and pin off the bottom for this appearance. 

6. Beehive With Bangs

If you've always wanted the Audrey Hepburn beehive with side bangs but don't have the time or hair care products, try this: Vintage beehive worn by Gizzi Erskine during pre-BAFTA reception.

7. Bumped Up Bun

At Foxcatcher Premiere in Cannes, the lovely singer wore a black Mullet dress, a gorgeous smoky eye, and nude lips with her untidy hair.

8. High Twisted Bun

Katie Cassidy's two-toned blonde high-twisted hairdo and big grin are iconic. The bun adds fun, while the twisted twists evoke the past. And the result? A classic look for every event.

9. Beehive Low Pony

Joelle Carter looks gorgeous in the ‘60s beehive low ponytail with her copper blonde hair, demonstrating that the hairstyle is timeless. We adore her wispy side bang that covers her forehead and face.

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