9 Modern Curly Mullet Hairstyles For Women

Mullet, Crimped:

Crimped curls in your mullet will bring back memories of the '90s.


For a more detailed effect, highlight specific curls with lighter tones.


Use hair accessories such as clips, pins, or headbands to dress up your curly mullet.

Mullet with Fringes: 

For a fashionable twist, add curly fringe or curtain bangs to your mullet.

Mullet with a Twist: 

Make a statement with your mullet's vivid, clashing hues and dramatic curls.

Braids on a Mullet: 

For a unique and textured look, add braided accents or cornrows to your curly mullet.

Mullet Bandana:

For a sleek and classic style, pair your mullet with a bandana.

wearing headscarf: 

Wrap a headscarf or turban around your curly mullet for a fashionable look.

Rainbow Mullet: 

Incorporate a palette of colors into your curly mullet for a bold and colorful aesthetic.

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