9 Party Hairstyles for a Remarkable Look No Matter the Occasion!

1. Short Wavy Bob

We like the look of short hair and how versatile it is, but we have to admit that, based on how long it is, it can be hard to style.

2. Half Up Bun Party Hairstyles

This messy bun is another way to style short hair. The one above looks like it's about to fall apart, but a half-up messy ponytail can look just as good.

3. Wavy Hair with Crown Braid

Consider braiding a crown around the head as the first of many crowns to come. You can use the basic 3-strand method or a more complicated braiding style. 

4. Short Double Braids Ending in Ponytail

There’s also the option of parting your hair down the middle in two equal parts and braiding each in your style and technique of choice.

5. Half Up Ponytail with Hair Bow

Put a bow on those hairstyles for a party, in a literal sense. Even a wavy, messy half-up ponytail on short hair can look more elegant by adding a fancy bow.

6. Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

Keep things short and stylish by going for a pixie haircut with long bangs.

7. Wavy Mohawk with Shaved Sides

This might not be a Thanksgiving with family look, but it is definitely a very cool New Year’s Eve bash or night in the club-style.

8. Half Braided Fade Haircut

This can easily be the next growth stage of the haircut we presented above or a self-standing look.

9. Pixie Haircut with Faded Sides

You can also go for a less extreme version of the above hairdo by combining the faded and shaved side with a pixie cut but leaving out the undercut and secondary side shave.

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