9 Short Nail Ideas To Help You Ring In 2023

1. Short Nude Nails

The basic look of bare nails will never go out of style. For nude nail ideas in 2023, it's all about natural beauty and simplicity with a bit of modern flair.

2. Pastel Nail Ideas

Pastel nail ideas are a perfect way to welcome the spring and summer seasons.

3. Red Short Nail Ideas

People often connect the color red with power, passion, and seduction, which makes it a popular choice for people who want their nails to make a statement.

4. Darker Hues Short Nail Ideas

Darker colors lend depth and elegance to any palette. These colors are linked with elegance, richness, and mystery, from rich burgundies to deep navy.

5. Multi-Colored Short Nail Ideas

Having nails with more than one color is a fun and creative way to show off your style and add a pop of color. 

6. French Manicures

The tips of the nails are painted white, and the rest of the nail bed is left natural or nude-colored. 

7. Neon Matte Short Nail Ideas

Neon matte nails are a style that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. They are bold and edgy.

8. Pastel Gradient Short Nail Ideas

The beautiful and common trend of pastel gradient nails is to blend different pastel colors together on the nails.

9. Black and White Short Nail Ideas

Black and white polka dot nails are a fun and playful trend that adds a touch of whimsy to your look.

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