9 Sophisticated Black Bedrooms That Prove Why Dark Colors Work Wonders

Keep Art On Display

The paneling of the wall creates an enveloping feeling in this soft-black-painted bedroom.

Combining Black With Mustard Yellow

A striking contrast, with the black bed bottom creating a serene space in an Atlanta home

Patterned Bedspread

A black bedroom in New Orleans is enlivened with a patterned bedspread, adding visual interest and style

Incorporating Greenery

A Nashville bedroom demonstrates how houseplants can add life and balance to a black bedroom, creating a lively atmosphere​

Neutral Bedding Against Black Walls

In New York City, a bedroom with Black Ink walls by Benjamin Moore contrasts with light textiles, offering a rich and minimalist aesthetic

Creating A Faux Built-In Look

Angie Teater’s New York City studio features black bookcases against black walls, mimicking built-ins and enhancing the room's custom look

Rustic Design With Lake Views

A traditional master bedroom with black walls, dark wood, and exposed beams offers a rustic design with a sophisticated lake view