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Balcony Gardening Tips For Couples

You can only keep plants that are small in size in a balcony garden. Herbs and shrubs are excellent plants for your balcony garden.

Place the correct plant

When watering your balcony garden, make sure that the water does not accumulate on the balcony.


Water the plants in accordance with the size of the pots and the needs of the plant.

The first thing you need do if you have a balcony garden is to place pot plates beneath the pot. Placing pot plates will help to contain the water in one spot and prevent floods.


There are some plants that require a lot of sunlight. Place the flower pots or plants in a location that receives plenty of sunshine.


If your balcony garden lacks sunshine in one area, move your plants to where the sun shines.

One of the most important gardening tips to remember when you have a balcony garden is to avoid water stagnation.


When water stagnates, insects have a better chance of thriving on your plants. Spray your plants with natural insecticide.

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