Best (and worst!) Airports for Layovers plus the cost of Southwest’s flight fiasco

Here are some of the more intriguing travel stories from today's airwaves. Recent studies highlight

the best airports for layovers, Southwest Airlines' travel disaster (perhaps related to vaccines), and holiday travel risks.

We read a lot of travel news every day and summarize what got our attention to serve our devoted readers. Today's most intriguing travel stories and news.

Your Mileage May Vary reports that Miami International Airport is the most popular layover destination. Top worst? Surprise—it's ORD. O'Hare airport in Chicago. 

Recently, we and other sources criticized Southwest Airlines for their large delays and cancellations that spun out of control. We suspected Southwest was 

lying about the fiasco and that pilots and ATCs against the vaccine mandates were staging a sick-out. The disaster's cost is known. It costs 75 large ones

Live and Let Fly covered the United Airlines CEO's vaccine mandate concerns. UA CEO Scott Kirby believes they are the largest risk airlines face,

and he may be right given their controversial nature and the timing of regulations with the holiday schedule. Many pro-vaccine folks are anti-mandate. 

Hawaii invites tourists back after asking them to stay away. Will they return? Probably because it's Hawaii! Duh.

The Points Guy shows how upset automobile renters are about the price hikes. No one is surprised that customer satisfaction with rental car availability and price is falling.

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