Can I Use Conditioner Without Shampoo? Or Is It A Bad Idea?

Moisture Retention: 

Conditioners hydrate and moisturize hair. Hair is softer and easier to handle when conditioner is used instead of shampoo.

Gentle Cleansing: 

Some conditioners offer gentle cleansing ingredients that eliminate oil and product buildup from hair and scalp without harsh shampoos.

Less Stripping: 

Shampoos remove natural oils, drying and damaging hair. Natural hair oils can be preserved by co-washing.

Coily and Curly: 

Curly and coily hair types are drier and need more moisture, hence co-washing is common.

Wet Your Hair: 

Start by thoroughly soaking your hair with warm water.

Apply Conditioner: 

Use plenty of conditioner on your lengths and ends. If you wish to cleanse your scalp, simply massage it in.


While the conditioner is in, untangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb or fingers. This prevents breaking.

Thoroughly rinse: 

Rinse conditioner from hair fully. Make sure nothing remains.

Usual Style: 

You can apply your standard styling products.

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