Dean McDermott Claims a Pig in His 'Marital Bed' with Tori Spelling

In his first interview since their breakup, the 56-year-old Canadian actor told the Daily Mail that they "had been having problems" but "it just got worse because we stopped sleeping in the same room."

McDermott says Spelling, 50, brought a pig and several dogs into their bedroom, changing their sleeping arrangements. The actor claims a chicken lived in their bathroom.

We know dogs have accidents, and ours were having plenty. "I couldn't handle it anymore," he said. "I set a healthy boundary and said, 'I can't do this. 

I can't sleep or live here. I set my boundaries and moved to another room, and things progressed. No attempts were made to fix the room entry issue."

After growing apart, McDermott admitted his substance usage issues flared again. 

He said that the 50-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 alum spent most of her time with their five children: girls Stella Doreen and Hattie Margaret, sons Liam Aaron, Finn Davey, and Beau Dean.

"I secluded myself more and she isolated with the kids. Our roommates. We rarely ate together. We had family meals but they were always disconnected "said. 

"It made me feel worse since I knew I was a large part of the problem and felt helpless. The fact that we're not sharing a bed makes it like docking your iPhone at night. Without docking your iPhone at night, you wake up with a depleted battery