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Deciphering Cat Meows (What they are saying to you)

Cats greet and gain attention with a normal meow. This meow can imply "hello," "pet me," or "feed me."

Standard Meow

Purring usually means happiness and relaxation. Cats purr when petted, snuggled, or relaxed.


Cats may produce these sounds while watching birds or other tiny creatures. It may be exciting and frustrating.

Chirping or Chattering

Cats may meow with excitement, anticipation, or frustration. They may be asking to play or eat.

Short, Rapid Meows

Your cat may meow more insistently when they seek food, water, or attention.

Demanding Meow

A loud, drawn-out meow is a common way cats express sadness, discomfort, or demand for attention.


These sounds suggest fear, aggressiveness, or defense. Cats use them to scare off predators.


Some cats make mild, conversational noises like they're "talking" to you. These whispers may be a pleasant greeting.


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