Delightfully Weird State Symbols From Across America

Alaska: State Sport

The state adopted dog mushing as its official sport in 1972.

Arizona: State Neckwear

The bolo tie became the state's official neckwear in 1973. It is also the official neckwear of Texas, symbolizing Western culture.

Colorado: State Song

‘Rocky Mountain High’ by John Denver was recognized as the state's second official song in 2007, almost a decade after the artist died in a place crash.

Hawaii: State Title Of Accomplishment

Hawaii has an official title of accomplishment, the Aloha Order of Merit, which is bestowed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature.

Indiana: State Aircraft

In 2015, the state recognized the P-47 Thunderbolt as an official symbol.

Kentucky: State Soft Drink

Ale-8-One, which has been manufactured and bottled in Winchester since 1926, became an official state symbol in 2013.

Louisiana: State Doughnut

Louisiana became the first state to have an official doughnut in 1986 when it recognized the beignet.