Gabriella Halikas on How She Learned to Love Her Curves

Gabriella Halikas: Swim Search finalist and body positivity queen. The 26-year-old model never lets others dictate her style or mood.

She calls herself the “CEO of confidence,” and she encourages young girls and women to practice self-love daily.

Yu Tsai photographed the open casting call alumna in Atlantic City for the 2021 SI Swimsuit Issue. She discusses her relationship with her physique and how it wasn't always ideal.

Young athletes like Halikas felt “insecure” about their bodies. The Northern California native spoke about loving her curves in Women's Health's latest “Body Scan” episode.

I learned to enjoy my hips and being fuller," she said. I was insecure as a child. I felt like an oddball for having curvier hips and developing early, but I started to embrace it.”

“What I love about my body is that it's just so strong and powerful and has gotten me through so many hard and good times,” she said. I want to honor and appreciate it in any form. I appreciate all my body can do.”

“My @womenshealthmag interview is out now!!! So pleased to share my health, fitness, and wellbeing journey with the team throughout the years. Use your insecurities to become your greatest superpowers!

watch my whole interview on their YouTube channel now, linking in my bio!,” she captioned an Instagram post with a powerful clip of the conversation for her 234,000 followers.