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Hot Hairstyle Trends From Oscars 2022

One of the coolest hairstyles to try this season is the braided bun. This is due to the braids adding texture to your hairstyle. In addition, despite being tied up, your hair does not appear too flat.

Braided Bun

This haircut is worn by the majority of beauty pageant contestants. At the 2022 Academy Awards, Salma Hayek updated this time-honored hairstyle.

Top Knot

This trend is rapidly fading. However, other celebrities, including Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart, wore this haircut on the Oscars red carpet.

Side Swept Hair

Since the Golden Globes 2022, Halle Berry's new spike crop cut haircut has been the talk of the town. The brick red highlights make this haircut look very gorgeous.


If you want to look hotter, you should cut your hair incredibly short like military cadets. The pixie cut is another name for Charlize Theron's short haircut.

Crew Cut

At the start of the year, Anne Hathaway opted for a blunt boy cut. Her hair has now grown out wonderfully to create a wavy girly haircut.

Girlish Boy Cut

A loose bun is an excellent choice for this season since it keeps your face from looking squeezed.

Loose Bun

A messy bun gives your hair volume. If you're wearing a big gown, this is the haircut to go with.

Messy Bun

We observed two well-known celebrities with short bangs that fell on their brows. Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Hudson were the stars. Michelle Obama, the First Lady, was the third.

Short Forehead Bangs

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