How To Lower Your Chance Of Relapsing


We can be addicted to anything. We usually refer to addiction as a chronic illness. It's dangerous, like using drugs.

Relapse Risk

Addiction has a 40-60% relapse rate like asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.

Preventing Emotional Relapse

Different types of relapse exist. Neglecting self-care and fantasizing about drinking or using drugs is emotional relapse.

Mental Relapse

Mental relapse tugs inward. It suggests you want drink and drugs. People and places associated with the substance can evoke nostalgia. People deceive themselves about consequences.

A Physical Relapse

Physical relapse occurs when addictive behavior grows rapidly and uncontrollably.

Support Systems

One of the most important jobs is that of support. This is who surrounds us and the level of assistance they provide.


Life revolves around community and belonging. Proven to be the most crucial determinant in lifetime satisfaction.


Healthy eating helps for many reasons. Keeps our thoughts sharp. It prevents stress and weariness.


Same impact with good sleep. Tired people are less durable. Sleeplessness and addiction are linked. It triggers.

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