How to Style Your Hair in Vintage Finger Waves

Finger waves are a classic and elegant hairstyle that first appeared in the 1920s and 1930s and has recently made a reappearance for a retro vibe.

To achieve finger waves, you don't need any styling tools; all you need are your fingers, a comb, and a few basic hair ingredients.

In the 1920s, renowned celebrities such as Josephine Baker and Bette Davis pioneered finger waves, which were later resurrected by Missy Elliot and TLC in the 1990s.

Finger waves look best on short to medium-length hair, ideally no longer than shoulder length, because longer hair might be difficult to maneuver into the correct wave pattern.

Finger waves look best on hair that is medium in thickness and straight or slightly wavy. Because you're not utilizing heat to modify the curl pattern, thick or curly hair can provide a challenge.

Begin with clean, moist hair, or spritz dried hair with water to make shaping and molding the waves easier.

Apply a style product with hold to your hair to keep the waves in place. Depending on your hair texture, use a gel or a medium hold pliable paste.

Make top and bottom pieces of your hair, then vertical sections within each of these sections. The number of sections determines the magnitude and complexity of the waves.

Guide the hair into a C shape with a comb, then secure the wave with a duckbill clip. Place the clip diagonally across the wave, flat side towards your scalp.

Allow your hair to completely dry to establish the waves. Once the clips are removed, use your fingers to separate the waves for extra definition. If desired, finish with a small mist of hairspray for added hold.

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