How We Can Collaborate For Mental Health Equity

Understand Mental Health

Understanding mental health is an excellent way to promote mental health equity as individuals.

Share Resources With Others

You should also educate others about mental health and coping techniques.Share resources with friends, family, neighbors, and the community.

Talk About Mental Health

It may be challenging at first, but practicing talking about mental health and using non-stigmatizing language is important.

Understand Unconscious Biases

Learning unconscious biases is also useful practice. Unintentional attitudes, behaviors, and acts that favor or disfavor a person or group.


Equally, we should learn about microaggressions. These are daily verbal or nonverbal exchanges that deliver negative messages to marginalized groups.

The Role Of Educators

Promoting health fairness is not solely the duty of individuals. States, healthcare systems, and educators contribute.

Make Data Available

Health educators and communicators should also work to reach minority populations with mental health information and provide free services.

Healthcare Systems

Healthcare systems must screen people for depression and other mental illnesses.

Role Of State Communities

Finally, states and localities must expand community-based mental health care