Is Southwest Airlines lying about “weather cancellations”

Southwest Airlines' flight disruptions left thousands of customers stranded on Saturday. The airline claims it's 

due to adverse weather, but one story believes it's due to striking flight crews protesting the vaccine obligation. What's up?

Southwest Airlines canceled 34% of flights on Saturday, leaving thousands of irate travelers stranded or confused

by confusing signals. Twitter said the delays are due to “ATC issues and disruptive weather.” People tell different stories.

One regular traveler, journalist, and podcaster tweeted that one of his pals was caught up in the day's

chaos but had received word from the gate agent that “thousands of pilots are on strike against the vaccine.”

Southwest Airlines, like many other airlines, introduced a required employee immunization program last week.

Pilot and mechanic unions have rejected such mandates and may be informally striking, according to Rabinowitz's tweet. Please note that these

reports are unconfirmed. Their unions have sued and authorized protests offering resources for such attempts. Are these protests harming operations?

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