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 Most Playful Dog Breeds

Their big, butterfly-like ears make papillons adorable and help them hear well.


Pugs are known as dog clowns for their funny snorts, growls, and expressions.


Corgis are agile and playful, making them great pets for busy people despite their royal heritage.


Its thick, lion-like mane and blue-black tongue make the Chow Chow lively.

Chow Chow

Whippets are amazingly fast sprinters who are also perfectly willing to take it easy for the day.


Dogs with a Beagle's acute sense of smell can help find insects, mildew, and even some diseases.


Intelligent Border Collies excel in frisbee and agility courses. The way they learn complex routines is amazing.

Border Collie

Cat-like Shiba Inus can clean and climb like cats.

Shiba Inu

Basenjis are regarded as "barkless dogs," but they make up for it with a yodel-like "barroo."


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