Ride the Waves at Top US Surfing Destinations

Renowned worldwide, it's the mecca of surfing with legendary waves, especially during the winter months.

1. North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Often referred to as "Surf City USA," it hosts the annual US Open of Surfing.

2. Huntington Beach, California

Iconic surf spot with three take-off zones, perfect for longboarders and shortboarders alike.

3. Malibu, California

Steamer Lane is a world-famous break, and the town itself is deeply rooted in surf culture.

4. Santa Cruz, California

Known for its powerful barrels and is considered one of the most iconic waves in the world.

5. Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

Florida's premier surf spot, known for consistent waves and hosting numerous competitions.

6. Sebastian Inlet, Florida

A 200-mile stretch of barrier islands with consistent waves and a variety of breaks for all skill levels.

7. Outer Banks, North Carolina

The "End of the World" offers some of the best waves on the East Coast, especially during hurricane season.

8. Montauk, New York

Home to Trestles, one of the most high-performance waves in the world.

9. San Clemente, California

Located near Half Moon Bay, it's famous for big wave surfing and can produce waves over 60 feet.

10. Mavericks, California

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