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Surprising Facts About the Top 9 Bravest Dog Breeds

Elegant Japanese dogs that previously guarded kings are steadfast.

Akita Inu

Dachshunds were developed to hunt badgers, demonstrating remarkable fearlessness while facing larger animals. 


Though lovable, French Bulldogs were originally bred as small bulldogs for ratting and dog fighting in the 19th century. Their grit and bravery have endured.

French Bulldog

Despite common misunderstandings, Pit Bulls have often shown their fearlessness in the face of danger. 

Pit Bull

The Australian Cattle Dog is loyal and hardworking. Bred to herd even the most resistant livestock, their tenacity on difficult terrain is remarkable.

Australian Cattle Dog

Chinese Chow Chows were once royal guard dogs for temples. Their fearlessness and lion-like mane give them magnificence.

 Chow Chow

Great Danes are gentle giants, yet they were originally boar hounds that protected European nobility from wild boars. Their size matches their bravery.

Great Dane

Boxers are energetic, brave, and protective. They generally create strong family bonds and defend them at all costs.


Rottweilers are loyal and protective despite their formidable appearance. With proper training and care, they become bold and amazing friends.


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