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The 10 Best Dessert Wines to Sip When You Want a Lil' Something Sweet


A sweet white wine from Bordeaux, France, made from botrytized grapes, known for its rich, honeyed flavors.

Ice Wine:

A sweet wine made from grapes that have been frozen on the vine, typically produced in colder climates like Canada and Germany.

Moscato d'Asti:

A light and sweet sparkling wine from Italy, known for its floral and fruity flavors.

Late Harvest Riesling:

A sweet Riesling wine made from grapes that have been left on the vine


A fortified wine from Portugal, available in various styles including Tawny, Ruby, and Vintage, known for its rich, sweet flavors.


A sweet wine from Hungary, made from grapes affected by noble rot, known for its complex flavors and long aging potential.

Pedro Ximénez Sherry:

A sweet and syrupy Sherry from Spain, made from sun-dried Pedro Ximénez grapes, with flavors of raisins, figs, and caramel.

Vin Santo:

A sweet wine from Italy, typically made from dried grapes, with flavors of dried fruit, honey, and nuts.


A sweet wine made from Muscat grapes, known for its floral and fruity aromas.


A sweet wine from the Roussillon region of France, made from Grenache grapes, with flavors of chocolate, berries, and spices.