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The Biggest Love Lies You May Believe

If our partner is overly jealous, they require therapy. Jealousy can indicate obsessive disorder, insecurity, and low self-esteem.


Hard work, acceptance, and forgiveness are needed for reciprocal love. The specialist says mutual respect and trust cause it.

Love At First Sight

Winning over your partner is daily. Only we own ourselves, and individuals aren't possessions.

I Won You, So You're Mine

To feel complete, you do not require the presence of another person. It is already the case.

My Partner Is Somewhere

Activities together are nice, but loving someone also entails letting them live their own life and do things alone or with friends, family, and coworkers. Everyone must respect their partner's uniqueness.

Love Means Doing Everything Together

Loving someone does not enslave them. Margarida Vieite says it entails listening to their needs and priorities without abandoning your own.

Do What I Say If You Love Me

Healthy relationships start with honesty, respect, and trust. The psychologist confirms that you cannot love and devote yourself to your mate if you cannot trust them.

Love Without Trust Is Conceivable

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