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The Friendliest Dog Breeds

The "barkless dog," the Basenji, doesn't bark. They make a peculiar yodel-like sound.


The affable American Water Spaniel is a hunting and retrieving expert.

American Water Spaniel

The German "little lion" Lowchen has a lion's mane-like hairstyle that makes them sociable.


Golden retrievers, another popular breed for decades, are friendly with people and other animals.

Golden Retriever

Since ancient Roman times, the Bolognese breed has been companionable, insuring its friendliness.


A happy breed, beagles love people. They like fetch and long walks with their owners and are lively.


The "American Gentleman," Boston terriers are friendly and amusing. They love making new friends and playing.

Boston Terrier

Many dog enthusiasts like Irish setters' affable, feisty personalities. Most enjoy children, other dogs, and dog-friendly cats, making them great family dogs.

Irish Setter

Border collies, the smartest dog breed, need daily mental and physical activity to stay happy and well-behaved. This breed wants to please. 

Border Collie

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