Most Wonderful Fast Food Worldwide

Mexico's Elote

In Mexico, elote, or street corn, has been around for generations. Food trucks and market stalls in southern California sell dressed-up maize, spreading its appeal.

 Pad Thai, Thailand

Pad Thai, sold in markets and on every street corner in Thailand and in many restaurants worldwide, is a simple, filling dish with mild to mouth-numbing heat. 

Souvlaki, Greece

This delicious Greek fast food meal has charcoal-grilled chicken or pork skewers. They come with salad and tzatziki in a pitta or on the side.

Bánh mì, Vietnam

This French-inspired Vietnamese fast food sandwich is sold at street carts nationwide. It began in the 1860s when the French colonized the north and brought French food.

Chǎofàn, China

Chinese fried rice, or chǎofàn, is a popular street meal in Asia that can be made with any mix of egg, vegetables, meat, or seafood. It provides a quick, comfortable, and full snack.

Shawarma, Turkey

This ultra-meaty fast cuisine may have originated in the Ottoman Empire. It's sold from food trucks to takeout restaurants on every street corner in Turkey and the Middle East

Gyros, Greece

Greece invented this soothing fast dish, which is still available at quick-service restaurants. It has rotisserie meat, tzatziki, shredded lettuce, and tomatoes in little fluffy pitta bread.