Things You Shouldn’t Do While Staying In A Hotel

Forgetting To Inspect The Room

Even the best hotels and housekeepers miss certain cleaning spots. When you arrive, check the bed and bathroom.

Sneaking In Your Pets

As much as you want to bring your furry friends, don't do so unless it's a pet-friendly hotel. Avoid bringing pets unless you want a big bill.

Breaking Glass

Sure, accidents occur. Not saying anything can affect staff and guests. Glass is hard to see, thus the cleaner may miss a piece on the floor even after cleaning.

Cheating The Minibar

Don't try to cheat the minibar by taking liquor and swapping it with a cheap soda. It's dishonest, and people who do this still get charged.

Early Check-In

You need to ask for this service well in advance, as staff will allocate your room to be the first cleaned. It's usually too late to ask on the day.

Calling The Front Desk

Check the brochures and menu before calling reception with queries. You'll likely find what you need there.

Forgetting To Look For Bedbugs

Before you lay down on the bed, make sure you inspect it for any bedbugs. They're small, nasty, and can even be found in the best hotels