Tips To Glamours Makeup Women Over 60

Top 3 Skin Care Products

Three skincare items are enough for flawless skin. Skin benefits most from oil-soluble vitamin C, retinol or vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid.

Mask any discoloration around your eyes

Eye discolouration is a major aging factor. A thick concealer can set in fine wrinkles and age you, which is bad!

Heavy Eyeliner, Diffuse

If you're over 60, using black liquid liner around your eyes means you either appear like an overdone streetwalker or a dazzling movie star, which is tough.

Learn some diffusion tactics unless you want the street-walker appearance.

Enhance the Eye Area

With strong top lash liner, highlighter beneath the eyes and on the brow bones adds contrast. Use highlight no more than one to two shades lighter than your skin. 

A big contrast to your skin tone makes you seem odd. I hate strange (always a good perspective for a makeup artist), therefore use the proper hue.

Add a splash of color

I added a bright turquoise beneath her lower lash line for a beautiful pop. Blend and manipulate it to avoid it covering your face. It brought fun that fit personality.

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