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Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Protection

Aside from being protective and powerful, the Rottweiler is also intelligent and dedicated. Originally bred to protect their herd, they now also protect their human herd.

#1 Rottweiler

The German Shepherd, a popular police and military dog in the United States, is a formidable family protector. They also guard and bond with other members of the family, especially cats.

#2 German Shepherd

Because of their protective character, Dobermans are used in police and military service. They are one of the most courageous dog breeds and one of the sharpest dog breeds.

#3 Doberman Pinscher

Akita Inu were raised in Japan to hunt and fight bears, which explains their fierce loyalty. They are kind with their family and other pets, so you can have a cute dog kid to protect you.

#4 Akita Inu

Despite its demeanor, this joyful family dog was bred to be an excellent watchdog! Boxers are devoted and cautious of outsiders, and their intimidating stare and strong bulk deter many.

#5 Boxer

In the 1700s, a Bulldog and a Mastiff were bred to create a huge watchdog with a compassionate and loving side for family and friends.

#6 Bullmastiff

This territorial colossus will protect you and yours in between kisses! The largest Schnauzer is endearing but requires a lot of attention and training.

#7 Giant Schnauzer

This muscular terrier enjoys running and playing like a puppy. They don't want battles, but they will start one if anybody harms their humans.

#8 Staffordshire Bull Terrier

That plush, velvety coat isn't real! These massive dogs can scare off bears, so keeping your yard safe won't be an issue. Gentle giants are bold and dedicated to their work.

#9 Great Pyrenees

Intruders can be frightened by Pit Bulls alone! With its terrible reputation and muscle, this imposing species may defend your family.

#10 American Pit Bull Terrier

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